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Your test results indicate that you have hard to very hard water. You may have already noticed some tell-tale signs: crusty, white scale buildup on faucets and shower heads, spotty glasses, dull hair and dry skin. From the increased costs associated with hard water to the supplemental costs required to deal with it, the financial impact accumulates quickly. A water softener eliminates your hard water problem and distributes soft water throughout the home, keeping pipes and appliances in top working condition and saving you money in the long term.

E500 Gold

E500 Gold

Our EWT500 Gold chronologic controlled water softener does not have all the bells and whistles of our other units but has proven to be extremly reliable over the years and is installed in over 20,000 homes across europe.

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The EWT500 Chronologic – controlled units ultilise the following technologies, – Fully “packed resin bed” IQ Fine mesh resin” Smaller tank diameters to acheive better distrubution of water and brine flows” Shallow bed of resin 17″ and comes with EWTs 15 years parts warranty.  Removes Limescale from your water.