How's your water?

Frustratingly, many homeowners in the UK deal with hard water problems each day. This is were UK Water Softeners can help.

What We Offer

At UK Water Softeners our aim is to eliminate the menace of Limscale from your home. Improving water quality for you and your family.

Save you money with a UK Water softener installed. Your Heating system will work more efficiently and last longer. You will have more than half your cleaning bill and extend the life of your appliances.

All our softeners and filters are professionally installed by our sister company Boiler Serve uk ltd. Boiler Serve is a Which trusted trader and a Gas Safe installer. Boiler Serve is accredited to the highest PAS 2030 standards. Remember anybody can sell you a water softener but if badly installed you may not achieve the promised results. All our engineers are fully insured and follow all current water standards.

Fuel Wasted

Below is a graph showing the percentage of efficiency reduced on a boiler with the build up of scale.

  • 2mm scale thickness 12%
  • 3mm scale thickness 25%
  • 6mm scale thickness 38%
  • 10mm scale thickness 55%
  • 12mm scale thickness 70%

Hard water coverage


80% of people in the UK live in hard water areas

Frequently Asked Questions


Do your softeners require any regular servicing or maintenance?

No, our water softeners have been designed and manufactured to not require any regular servicing. Other water softeners need maintenance visits on a regular basis to keep them at a standard level of quality. This means once you invest in a water softener, from us you won’t have any time-consuming servicing appointments to make.

How much do your water softeners cost?

Water softener prices will vary depending on the plumbing in your home, your water usage, the water hardness in your area and other environmental factors.

For a free estimate, click here to book a home visit from one of our team.

They will assess your needs and give you an accurate, obligation-free quote.

Does it take long to remove scale when you start using softened water?

Using softened water will start to remove scale from your home in two weeks.


The amount of scale already in your home can affect how quickly softened water will get rid of it.


In six weeks, scale will be gone from your kettle

In six months, scale will be gone from your heat exchanger

In two years, scale will be gone from the rest of your pipework

Many thanks for your proffessional service and advice. I must admit to been sceptical about any form of water treatment.I am now not sure how we managed prior to having our machine installed.Our shower screens now are clear instead of a pemenant state of white!     I must admit at first it took me some time to get used to oly using small amounts of shampoo in the shower I am amazed at the savings in products…………..

*complete available on request

Andrew Sinclair (Beverley)

We have had our softener now for a little over a month and we could not be more pleased. The water here in Goole is so hard that our appliances developed a lime scale build up almost immediately. We are now almost lime scale free and have much better quality drinking water. This is a great investment that will pay for itself in no time.

Peter Rainer

Very impressed by your charming and efficient engineer, who completed the job in very quick, clean and no mess or disruption. Also very pleased with the elegant and stylish drinking water tap. We love the silky feel of our showerwater and the clean, pure taste of the drinking water. platinum stars all round!

Jane & Graham Callow (Yorkshire)

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